2 thoughts on “Team Heavy

  1. Rob Kehrer was and still remains a hero to me…I looked at him as a father figure he was the dad I never had…I’m 21 years old and I have never met anyone so ambitious.Robs love for the wilderness was the first thing I picked up on when we met….he used to tell me all the time that “it’s the little things” and he was right….for some the classics was just another survival game but for Rob it was a passionate and never ending love for the natural elements and wilderness that makes up the majority of Alaska…I know no one knows me but believe me when I say Rob kehrers unfortunate demise doesn’t weigh lightly on my heart…I read every paragraph of this website and will continue to everyday and I cry because Rob was the only one that stood by me even when I was past rock bottom he stuck out his hand and as much as I wanted to quit and give up on everything he stood by me giving me a reason and teaching me about perseverance self control and essentially being a father figure that I will never forget.Although he may not be here physically he lives on in every way he has helped me and taught me to be the man I am today…Thanks Rob I love you man.


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