Rob or Grizzly? Simon McLoughlin

I first met Rob on the winter classic from Nabesna to Mcarthy back in 2007ish. I stumbled upon him at dusk at the end of the “stubborn and ruthless” Skolai gorge. at first thought he was a grizzly from distance but elated to see he was a fellow beast of the “winter classic” burden.Had not seen a soul since day 1 so it was a special re-union at day 7 or more to spend a night on the rocky terminus of Skolai gorge with Rob and his warm, big hearted personality.

we set out 7a.m. the next morning for McCarthy. Enjoyed a 27 hour slog w/ Rob as we picked our way down the Nizina. Important to mention I had a broken ski binding re-attached w/ mechanics wire. I was slow and Rob could easily have carried on at a happier unrestricted rate. He chose to stay in contact the entire way patiently waiting as my one ski slid like a ski and the other like a snowshoe.

Will always remember his words of encouragement yelling out “you’re a rockstar” as i carried onwards at a snails pace on snow.

We spent an hour or more trying to pick up the trail from the river to McCarthy at 4 in the morning.He stayed calm and deliberate the whole time. Once we found the trail we celebrated with a camp fire and rested for a half hour while I scared the “world” upon removing my feet from my boots.

On the connector trail back to McCarthy Rob stepped it out at a great pace as he told stories of his experiences on the Iditarod trail invitational.

He was a wonderful, supportive, happy big hearted guy to wander thru the wilderness with.
He will be sorely missed by all those he touched with his energetic and warm personality.

One thought on “Rob or Grizzly? Simon McLoughlin

  1. I played rugby with Rob in Boulder in the 90’s and was fortunate to play a rugby match with him again on June 21, 2014 at the Alaska Mountain Rugby Ground. What a great guy then and again when we re-united. His Boulder rugby mates miss him.
    Chris Biety


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