Finishing on the Lakina Bridge, Steve Duby

One of the most memorable moments I have of the 2013 Classic wasn’t simply finishing in the grueling amount of time it took us… but waiting in anticipation for Team Heavy to cross the bridge. When they did a few hours after we had, I met Rob at the bridge and shook his hand. He was so physically and mentally exhausted that he seemed to look right through me, but I could see in those eyes a level of elation that simply didn’t make it to the facial surface. I was eternally grateful to him for having “accidentally” run into my packraft after he and Greg passed us on the Tasnuna River. If not for that assist, there’s no way I would have been at the Lakina bridge to greet Rob as he finished. When I got word of his passing, this memory began to circulate through my mind. It hasn’t really left.


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